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Video – What Is Myopia Management?

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Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, makes it harder to see things at a distance. Myopia is a major concern because it increases the risk of eye diseases, such as glaucoma or cataracts. Myopia can also affect your child’s performance in school. Our Optometrists utilize myopia control methods such as Ortho-K, atropine & multi-focal contacts.

Treating myopia at an early age (and early stage) is crucial for preventing myopia to become more severe later in life, and makes it much easier to manage both as a child and an adult.

Our eye doctors can diagnose and treat you, or your child’s, myopia, and help maintain healthy eyesight for you. Thus, another reason why an annual comprehensive eye exam is so important. Please ask our optometrists any questions you may have about myopia (nearsightedness) and all forms of treatment.

Our patients visit us from Oak Brook, IL, as well as Elmhurst, Hinsdale and surrounding communities