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High Definiton Lenses in Oak Brook, IL

Now you have a choice

We are pleased to tell you that Oakbrook Optical Eyecare is among the first practices in the area to offer customized Zeiss iProfiler lenses; a quantum leap forward in vision correction.

Clearer, Sharper Vision

Patients who are wearing these new lenses report that their vision is clearer, sharper and more vivid than ever before.

Improved nighttime driving

Our New lenses have also been clinically proven to improve nighttime driving vision even under glare conditions and provide better definition.

The reason the lenses work so well is that they are custom-made. Like fingerprints, no two eyes are alike. But until now we did not have the technology to make customized eyeglass lenses. The new lenses are powered by your eye print, or optical fingerprint. So your new eyeglass lenses will be custom-made for you and you alone. The lenses fit almost all frames and are thin and lightweight with scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings.