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Timex Ad

Perhaps best-known as a manufacturer of designer watches, TIMEX launched an eyewear collection through an agreement with Kenmark Eyewear. Created for an upscale clientele, TIMEX Eyewear offers a unique collection of designer frames for men, women, and young adults.

Originally marketed to men active in competitive sports and the outdoors, the brand has expanded into multiple markets catering to a more diverse population. The company’s Creative Development Team keeps its finger on the pulse of design trends and customer demands. A substantial amount of research goes into ensuring that all materials and color palettes are in harmony with each frame’s shape, structure, and fit.

TIMEX Eyewear collections are offered in a wide range of designs, colors, and shapes to complement every eye size and personal style choice. The product lines include ornamental paisley patterns, beautiful embellishments like mini-gemstones and color block designs on the temple, and more. Thick rims with 2-sided colors and half-rims in a multitude of shades ensure that there’s something for everyone.