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Revo Eyewear

Revo EyewearRevo Eyewear offers the Original Performance Sunglasses, Inspired by Active Outdoor Lives.

Each pair of Revo sunglasses is designed and built with the most superior lens technology and highest-quality materials on earth. Recognized globally as the leader in polarized lens technology, Revo sunglasses were first created in 1985 utilizing technology developed by NASA as solar protection for satellites. Now Revo offers the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized sunglasses available.

Designed with every environment in mind, Revo sunglasses actually help you to see better by eliminating glare, haze and visual distortion caused by harsh light environments. The innovative lenses selectively filter the color bands of the spectrum to block out UV and HEV light, while allowing the right natural light through. With Revo sunwear you will experience sharper color contrast and crystal clear, comfortable vision.

Revo performance eyewear is where form meets function, fit defines comfort and style makes it yours.

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