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Kensie Girl

Kensie Girl is the youthful, little sister brand of Kensie which is known for contemporary feminine styles that are soft, playful and trendy. Kensie Girl eyewear offers fashionable, flattering and pretty eyewear in smaller shapes with cute and whimsical patterns and details. With trendy styles ranging from delicate and soft to edgy or vintage, Kensie Girl offers a beautiful, feminine and fashionable pair of eyewear to fit girls of different tastes and styles.

Created in a colorful palette of bright color mixes and interesting combinations of materials, Kensie Girl glasses represent a play of similar and contrasting textures, patterns and colors, that are flattering and up with the latest trends.

Kensie Girl eyewear is for the fashionista that wants to look fresh, youthful and full of charisma while keeping up with the hottest and latest fashion trends.

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