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Flexon Kids

Flexon, the original memory metal used to make strong, flexible and comfortable frames for active adults, is also available for kids. The same unique features which define Flexon eyewear as the ultimate in durability, strength and flexibility, are found in smaller sizes, bright colors and fun shapes for a younger audience.

Flexon frames are light and the advanced memory metal allows you to flex, bend and twist the bridge and temples and they will return back to their shape. They are the perfect solution for kids who may not always be so gentle with their eyewear. Available in fun colors and shapes, Flexon for Kids offers a variety of frames that kids love and will love to wear!

Once your kids try Flexon eyeglasses, you will never want to go back to any other frame material. They can feel confident in their glasses with no limitations, knowing that they are safe and secure with optimal vision and optimal eyewear.

Check out the Flexon website for more details.