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Dura Hinge

Dura Hinge Ad

ClearVision first opened its doors in 1949 with the goal of providing eyecare practitioners with stylish products their patients would love. Over the past 69 years, the company has launched a multitude of brands that are on-trend with great style, comfort, and of course, exceptional design.

The DuraHinge brand is one of company’s top performers. It is known for its unique frames designed to showcase the wearer’s personality. From outgoing to classic, contemporary to traditional, DuraHinge eyewear has something for everyone. The collection includes intricate designs and blended shades of color, giving each piece a little something extra. This detailed craftsmanship is what makes DuraHinge so unique.

The brand continuously delights its customers by giving them the opportunity to offer their patients a superior combination of style, flexibility, and comfortable wear, for a truly outstanding eyewear experience.