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Wearing Face Masks and The Rising Incidents of Dry Eye

If wearing a face mask leaves your eyes sore, gritty, dry, and irritated, you may have Mask Associated Dry Eye (MADE). Wearing a face mask significantly reduces the spread of air when breathing out from the mouth and nose. The mask pushes the air upward and over the surface of the eye, causing tears to evaporate more quickly. Our video shows ways to prevent or minimize dry eye when wearing a mask.

There are a variety of treatments available for Dry Eye Syndrome. Speak with our optometrists to learn about the best treatment for you, and how we can help with Mask Associated Dry Eye.

Frequently Asked Questions with Dr. Joseph Franceschini

Q: Can you request lenses made from glass? Is glass still used for lenses?

  • A: Yes. Opticians still sometimes use glass for lenses. However, glass is not used very often because they aren’t as safe. If these glass lenses breaks, they can shatters into many pieces and can injure the eye. Glass lenses are much heavier than plastic lenses, so they can make your eyeglasses less comfortable to wear.

Q: Can a coating be added to eyeglasses to protect them from further scratches?

  • A: A protective coating can’t be added to a lens after it’s scratched. The coating is applied when the lens is manufactured and can’t be put on later.

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